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A wise man once said, “Who a person is 
is directly defined by 
who a person wants to be”: I want to love hard. I want unabashed passion for everything I do. I want to dream big, but then live even bigger. I want my actions to follow my words, and my words to follow my heart. I want to fill my life with simple pleasures - coffee, cardigans, mellow music, well written literature, indie films, And I want to share these pleasures with the simple people I call my friends. I want to travel the world and soak the culture into my skin. I want to be a whistleblower for peace. I want to use my rights to stand up for the rights of others. I want callused hands, and dirty nails to show that I’m alive. I want to do everything I do in the name of love so that when I come to die, I won’t discover that I had not lived. Because I’ve realized that to truly live is to truly love. But in all actuality - I just feel like I’m treading water. Trying to keep my feet six feet above the dirt.I find it hard to relate to someone who doesn’t speak. And it’s even harder trying to figure out who the person is that I call me.

Anonymous: you and that girl look so much alike :o

We joke that we’re twin mates rather than soulmates. 

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Big Four Ice Caves

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Lake Twenty Two with Charlotte

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On hipsterism:

As demonstrated by the hipster hitler comic phenomenon, hipsterism is the culmination of the zeitgeist of indifference under the shadow of the decadent individualism of the Western world having cut itself off from history. It is the absolution of a self-indulgent postmodernism in which the self is isolated from the world and history—the alienated spirit crying out for recognition in a culture that increasingly holds nothing as sacred, trying to manufacture its own self-significance out of the fragments of a profaned heap of historical meanings severed from their native context.

But the way forward is not the way back. We cannot return to the world before modernity or postmodernity. The way forward is in the transcendent unity of all things that reveals the sacred in all historical traditions of the past, still valuing each one as harboring something irreducible and irreplaceable—a way of being that carries respect and sensitivity on the basis of a deeper worth in all of being, rooted in God and the love of God, the God who is found in the other as soon as it is seen in oneself. In the Hindu tradition, the greeting Namaste means “the God in me honors the God in you.” Such a respectful and loving posturing toward one another is not rooted in some “anything goes,” totally relativistic stance that sees nothing beneath a fragmented pluralism of free-floating narratives. Rather, it sees the Absolute incarnating in a variety of forms, even amidst the dark places of the world, calling us all forward to see the Truth that is unfolding in all things.

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